Rental of kegerator

The kegerators are already reserved the following days

Roles for rental

These rules are under revision and errors and omissions may occur...

If our equipment is not already on loan, you can borrow it by filling in the application form at the bottom of this page. The kegerators are only rented out to internal events or to events with association to the bar.

Internal events: Exclusive events that take place at the university. This includes:

Events with association: Events that take place at the university or elsewhere may be of a private nature. This includes:

For now, the following rules cover the two groups:

Internal events: Precursor as it has been until now, lending includes setting up, carbonation and rinsing of the system, 50 cups (1 roll) can be purchased for DKK 150 per PCS.

Events with association: Here, loans only include unlocking and unlocking of the draft beer facility. This means that the plant must be picked up in Ada-0, and delivered cleaned in Ada-0. The delivery time of the installation must be agreed in dialogue with the person responsible for the practical, and is not necessarily the same day.

Request rental in good time

When you borrow a facility, there must be a board member responsible for practical matters on the day of lending and return. We are all volunteers and have studies and jobs alongside our board work, and therefore we cannot be sure of being able to provide a tenured member.
Therefore, to be sure of being able to borrow the facility, you must, write at least 7 days in advance. We will therefore, no later than 5 days before, announce whether someone on the board has the opportunity to be there during one of the possible times. If you do not write at least 7 days in advance, we cannot guarantee that we can announce whether or not renting is possible in good time, however it is still possible to borrow the facility even if you announce at a bad time, we just cannot guarantee that there will be an answer in good time.

General information

Application form

When must the kegerator be picked up/set up?
When must the kegerator be delivered/picked down?
Who should the bill be sent to? (Full name of person, company or organization)
How is payment made?
Must only be specified if an EAN number is to be invoiced
Where will the event be held?
What types of beer or other beverages are desired and how many kegs of each type?